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Symposium on Inequality, Entropy, and Econophysics

The Symposium on Inequality, Entropy, and Econophysics is co-sponsored by Columbia University and Cornell University to be held on May 30 - 31 2019.

Location: Riverside Church Conference Hall, New York, NY

The study of income distribution and inequality has a venerable tradition in economics. Its relevance and significance has increased dramatically in this era of strong forces making for rising inequality. At the same time, in the last quarter century there has been the development of Econophysics, which uses concepts and methods from statistical physics to analyze economic phenomena such as the evolution of stock market prices, and income distribution. And the concept of entropy has been important in both of these traditions.

And yet there appears to be insufficient communication between these two traditions, even in the specific area of inequality, where one might have thought there would be overlap and scope to learn from each other. This disconnect cannot be good for science, and it cannot be good for policy. Bringing all available tools to understand the central phenomenon of inequality, and to encourage cross-fertilization between different approaches and methods, should be our goal. This symposium is being organized to facilitate such dialogue.

Symposium Organization
Ravi Kanbur
Cornell University
Sitabhra Sinha
Institute for Mathematical Sciences, India
Venkat Venkatasubramanian
Columbia University
Symposium Information Center
Robin Craven
Conference Manager